Sureshotgps Micro 700x

Know the distance to the front & carry of hazards

View distances to the front centre and back of the green in large font PLUS enjoy the advantages of knowing the front and carry distances to key hazards. Hazards are easy to recognise with colourful images displayed on screen giving you the overall picture of the hole.

Easy to read font and colourful screens

No tricky data to analyse, no cryptic GPS information to decipher. Simple layouts, colourful screens with large font make using the Micro 700X a pleasure. Use the Micro 700X in all weather conditions and make the most of that Sureshot advantage.

Innovative technology displaying the closest courses to you

Convenience is the key. Using innovative GPS technology, automatic course recognition will display the closest courses to your position. So when you arrive at your course you can focus on that 1st swing.

Advanced scoring system

Featuring an easy to use scorecard where you can keep score during your round or access previous scorecards to compare your performance. Access par and stroke index information for your course at the touch of a button*