Sureshot Personal Launch Monitor

Launch your inspiration

The Sureshotgps personal Launch Monitor will keep you inspired at the range so you can practice with power. Stay focused, hit more accurately and understand more abour your game club by club. Make small adjustments to your grip pressure, stance or even tee height and watch the difference it could make to your stats on ball distance, swing speed and smash factor stats.

Sureshotgps puts accuracy, portability & affordability into your most productive practice game yet.

Personal & Portable

Light, compact, with a large 4inch LCD screen, the Sureshotgps launch monitor portable and easily stored in your golf bag. Running off AAA batteries, the launch moni- tor is always on hand and ready to practice.

How It Works

Using Doppler radar sensor, the Sureshotgps Launch moni- tor follows the ball trajectory to measure ball distance and speed, within a range of 30-300m. The radar also tracks swing speed for further club by club game analysis and improvement.

Practise Mode

Get immediate feedback on ball distance & speed, swing speed & smash factor, club by club. Smash factor is an algorithm used to rate how well you impact the ball. Make a small cahnge to your grip pressure, stance or tee height and watch how your stats improve.

Target / Random Mode

Test your accuracy by setting your own distance to achieve or let the Launch Monitor randomly challenge you while keeping score!

Stats Mode

At the press of a button check out your stats like shot distance stats for each club by average or for the last 100 shots and learn more to play better.

Remote Control

Use the remote controle so you can stay upright and in position when changing settings or viewing statistics.

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