Sureshot GW3

Golf | Walk | Run | Cycle | Time

More than just a Golf GPS watch, the Sureshotgps GW3 can track all fitness in your life from walking, running to cycling. Preloaded with 28,000 golf courses see live, accurate distances to the green at the flick of your wrist. Using live GPS, track your distances walked, speed and calories burned, both on the golf course and during all exercise in your life.

For Golf

  • Preloaded with 28,000 world wide courses
  • Displays live distances to the front, centre & rear of green.
  • Individual shot distance
  • Auto Hole & Course recognition
  • Built in digital scorecard
  • Analyse your Swing Tempo to help increase distance.

Swing Analysis

The GW3 automatically recognizes and records every shot and reports your Swing Tempo back to you after your shot. You'll see the back swing to forward swing ratio, so that you can build a better swing.


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