Golf Shoe Grabber ( Voted by Golf Digest as one of the Coolest Products at the 2017 PGA Merch. Show)

Voted one of the coolest products at this years PGA Merchandise Show the Golf Shoe Grabber is a clamp and handle all one and is a must have accessory for all golfers of all ages.

It’s not high tech, but it’s practical. No longer do smelly, dirty or wet shoes have to be stuffed into your golf bag at the end of a round.

A simple clasp lets you tote your shoes with one easy handle, making it easier to grab and go to and from the course.

The device can be latched to you golf bag, and also helps you air out wet shoes that need drying

  • Golf Shoe Grabber is a clamp and handle in one.
  • Holds your shoes together and connects to any golf bag.
  • Great for portability and storage.

 Made in the USA