Clean Swing Golf Towel with Mesh Cleaning Panel

The Clean Swing™ Self Cleaning towel is a worldwide “Best Seller” and is now available to you in Australia for the first time. This patented towel is quite literally “Self-Cleaning”.  Clean Swing™ uses a unique acrylic MicroPlush material that traps dirt between the fibers, but does not absorb that dirt into the fibres like your typical golf towel that you are probably carrying on your bag right now.

We then back this amazing fabric with an ultra absorbent Microfiber fabric allowing you to wipe your face or hands.

Included in the NEW 2017 model is a mesh panel that permits the removal of those big clumps of dirt picked up on your clubs during the wetter months of the year.

When your Clean Swing™ dries, simply rub or shake the towel and the dried mud and grass will fall off leaving it clean and ready to use again. No longer do you have to try and clean your clubs or wipe your hands and face with a dirty towel

Clean Swing is guaranteed to outperform and out-clean any conventional towel on the market!



  • Revolutionary Design – a conversation piece
  • Stylish, Simple and Attractive
  • Generous Cleaning area — will not drag on the ground!
  • Towel Size – 17” x 12.5” (43cm x 32cm)

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